The college application process is an intricately complex system that is simplified through college counseling services. Successful admission to college requires planning, research, and self-awareness to understand the unique needs of each individual student to craft a college list. Through exploration and ownership of the project, students are able to select schools where they will thrive, receive an excellent education, and prepare for an exciting future.

KIM SAMMET COLLEGE COUNSELING provides creative personalized guidance, strategy and support for high school students to plan, organize and complete a meaningful, successful and less stressful college application experience.

List of Services

  • Advising on early preparation and planning
  • Student self-discovery coaching
  • Curriculum course selection
  • Transcript evaluation
  • Extracurricular activity development
  • Resume crafting
  • College list building
  • Guidance in researching colleges
  • Provision of schedules and timelines
  • SAT/ACT and AP test advising
  • Essay development and editing
  • Application strategizing, scheduling, and tracking
  • Evaluating acceptances and awards
  • Enrollment guidance
  • Financial Aid information and resource referrals

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