About Kim

kim-sammetKim loves teenagers! Because of her diverse and eclectic background she understands a full range of interests for a diverse population of college-bound students: academics and intellectuals, artists, athletes, international students, those with special needs, those that identify with being alternative, those interested in public services, and those unsure of what they want to do next. She enjoys guiding students through a process of self-discovery to help them gain perspective, understand their options and carve a path forward. She has completed her College Counseling Certificate program through UCLA and has counseled many students on the college path for the last several years.

Kim Sammet has lived in Santa Cruz County for over 20 years where she has raised a family and created strong community bonds. In other aspects of her life, Kim has farmed, danced, acted, traveled extensively, and maintained a constant love of learning. Through leading a holistic and healthy lifestyle by building community, practicing yoga and spreading the message of kindness, creativity, and good food, Kim envisions a better world through ensuring that all children are well loved, well fed and well educated.